Watch Your Weight

Watch Your Weight

watch-your-weightWinning the weight war

Watch Your Weight: A Quality of Life Approach by Gillian Moore–Groarke & Teresa Nerney.

‘Watch Your Weight’ helps you understand why your past attempts at dieting have failed, and gives you the tools to succeed now.

Using a 7–step, easy–to–follow plan, this book helps YOU make the choice to be a healthy weight by:

  • getting in tune with your thoughts and feelings
  • setting goals you can achieve
  • understanding the difference between physical and psychological hunger
  • working with, not against yourself
  • conquering your food cravings
  • gathering up your cheerleaders
  • relaxing and treating yourself
  • and ultimately, being the person you really are

‘Watch Your Weight’ is your practical resource as you get ready for a healthier life with the support of a healthy eating and exercise programme.

Like every other successful slimmer, you will discover that YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT keep it off and enrich the quality of your life.

This book has been published in Australia by Ibis Publishing under the title “Winning the Weight War”. This book has also been published in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan by Corpus Collosum Learning PVT Ltd under the title “Watch Your Weight”.